DJ Koze - Rue Burnout EP

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  • Set up as an outlet for DJ Koze and behind-the-scenes Get Physical man Marcus Fink to release the records that don't quite fit anywhere else, Pampa Music has lived up to its remit with its first two 12-inches. Die Vogel's Blaue Moschee was the Cadenza-house-on-steroids, the repulsive and captivating logical conclusion of the house scene's fascination with horn samples. Jackmate & The Missing Linkx's Discodisco2, meanwhile, was too strange for the sort of maximum dance floor effectiveness demanded by DJs in a hyper-competitive scene. Needless to say, they're both pretty fucking wonderful. Somehow, though, DJ Koze's own offering for the imprint fails to reach the deranged heights of its previous releases. You understand why few would be willing to take on the rising angelic choir, lilting piano loop and relatively straightahead beat—if Koze even bothered to send it around to other labels for consideration. It's Koze as DJ tool, which means it's mighty nice to listen to, but doesn't really go anywhere. That's no bad thing. As "Rue Burnout" illustrates, Koze tools can be devastating. Soulful hollers, slightly out-of-tune piano lines bashed out with demented glee, a gradually intensifying beat. There are clearly worse things than listening to Koze straightening up (a bit) and giving the dance floor something to hang on to.
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      A Blume Der Nacht B Rue Burnout