Jichael Mackson - Plex EP

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  • It's been a long while (in electronic music years, at least) since Jichael Mackson has released a record. Almost as long as it's been since Ilian Tape has put out a physical release. The two return in tandem for the first time since 2008, proving the old adage that good things come to those who wait. Mackson's sound hasn't changed much in the intervening years: It's still minimal techno of the complex and dub-orientated variety, nodding as much to Isolee as it does to Basic Channel. Mackson gets, for lack of a better word, deep. "A Snake in Da System" opens the 12-inch, at first sounding like a perfectly normal tune as it sets out its main theme. But, after nearly three minutes, you begin to realize that something is missing. Namely, a kick drum. Mackson teases it slightly throughout, but never fully drops the thing until more than five minutes in. It'd be ecstatic if it didn't feel simply like the natural evolution of an organism. Both "A Snake in Da System" and "Space" remind of Villalobos in this way. These tunes feel like worlds, not songs—material for living in, not listening to.
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      A A Snake In Da System B Space