KiNK - Rachel EP

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  • Much has been made of "Existence," the new track on KiNK's Ovum EP which more than reminds listeners of Jeff Mills' classic "Changes of Life." Considering the fact that the mp3 I received in a promo mailout curiously calls it "Keys of Life" (a previous title perhaps?) when I pull it up in Winamp should tell you that the Bulgarian producer knows exactly what he's doing. The problem, indeed, isn't the inspiration. It's that, unlike his similarly melodic work for Undertones last year, he doesn't seem to do all that much with it. There are no unexpected twists and turns, no surprises. That's what has made KiNK's resolutely backward-looking catalogue so fascinating thus far. In concert with Neville Watson, he often does little more than regurgitate classic acid house tropes. But alone, the wobbling line that finds its way into "Rachel" near its end elevates it from mere mimicry. "E79," meanwhile, submerges its bleeps in a dunk tank while chords placidly play out over the surface. Like his best work, it takes familiar elements but combines them in a way that you haven't heard before. As someone who relies on such obvious referents, KiNK's releases always skirt the line between goofus and gallant. There are few better examples than this EP.
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      A Rachel B1 Existence B2 E79