Ramadanman & Midland - Your Words Matter / More Than You Know

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  • Hessle Audio co-founder David Kennedy has proved himself to be quite the genre-hopper over the past year or so, having turned his hand to drum & bass, UK funky-influenced beats, and dubwise tech house with both Appleblim and Brendon Moeller, so it's very little surprise to see him return to Will Saul's Aus imprint with another take on modern house music. This time around it's with Leeds native Midland, who according to his MySpace, "aims to create a homogeneous sound that people from different musical persuasions can appreciate." Thankfully with Kennedy on board, he's managed to steer the fledgling producer well off the straight-and-narrow to create two very different tracks that possess equal dance floor potential. The duo wear the influence of garage legend Todd Edwards firmly on their sleeves on "Your Words Matter," creating a sense of movement by cutting up and filtering a female vocal over vamping piano and a sub-driven tech house groove. Imagine Robag Wruhme having a stab at 125 BPM UK garage, and you'll get the picture. "More Than You Know" hits a much darker vibe, instantly recalling the more paranoid productions of October with its detailed touches and twitchy atmosphere. It's definitely one to play in its entirety; it hits its peak two-thirds of the way through with some punchy bass tones, reversed loops and eerie delayed melodies. If you're a fan of Kowton's recent swung aphotic house offerings on Keysound and Idle Hands, you're bound to enjoy this cut as well. Ramadanman may be a jack of all trades, but he's continuing to do a hell of a job of evading the "master of none" tag.
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      A Your Words Matter B More Than You Know