Robert Hood - Alpha / Omega

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  • If there was any doubt, no matter how small, that Robert Hood's productions were beginning to tread water, then this taster for his new album brings the doubters back to reality with a jolt. At a time when those who were inspired by Hood's timeless '90s catalogue are in danger of sounding too reverent and polite, Hood's latest single is a refreshing antidote, forsaking subtlety for a ruthlessly effective dance floor approach. "Omega (End Times)," sounds like the aural equivalent of a skillet to the cranium, its cheesewire percussion threatening to shred the speakers which it play through. Once it's joined to a repetitive metallic riff, Hood simply filters the combination until it reaches an inevitable but nonetheless thrilling climax. "Alpha" is a less intense experience, but it isn't a walk in the park either. From the outset, pounding, relentless drums and firing percussion prevail, but a few minutes in, Hood delivers the coup de grace. An eerie synth line gradually appears, but then it's left to hang in the air, adding to the drama. Just when the suspense starts to become too much to bear, Hood drops his trademark hissing hi-hats to drive "Alpha" onwards and upwards. If his long player attains anything near this standard, it'll be a serious contender for album of the year.
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      A Alpha B Omega (End Times)