Radio Slave - I Don't Need A Cure For This

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  • There should be no surprise as to what Radio Slave's new single is: A more than ten minute banger, driven by a sturdy beat that gets run into the ground and resurrected through an unwavering dedication to its repetition. Matt Edwards has based his career (Radio Slave-wise) on making stasis sound absolutely enthralling. His sound is—whether you like it or not—what tribal house might sound like had it continued (started?) evolving, something his recent Fabric mix put into clear relief. "I Don't Need a Cure for This" featured on the mix, sounds even better here with the time to stretch out. It makes the nearly three minute wait for the unveiling of its spectral chords all the more special. But Edwards, true to form, isn't just about the beat. "Cure" also has unexplained bird song floating around the stereo field, as well as a "I Want To Sleep"-style woman who is dropped in to offer her thoughts every so often. "N.I.N.A." is no less chunky, but seems to lack the irresistible chug of its predecessor. Its mission is trance, and it gets there via a percolating synth and chanting children. Ethnic samples are hardly thin on the ground on these days. And despite Edwards' clear love for the sort of ambient music that borrowed it in the '70s and '80s, it nonetheless doesn't come off as much more than Remote Area + Cadenza when it should simply be Radio Slave.
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      A I Don''t Need A Cure For This B N.I.N.A.