Deetron feat. Seth Troxler - Each Step

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  • Play to your strengths. It's a mantra Deetron and Seth Troxler appear to have had looping in their headphones while composing Each Step for French imprint Circus Company. The Swiss producer has been happy for his Detroit indebted synth lines to play harbinger for much of his material over the past ten years, while Troxler has been caught up in perversions of the house music formula since his breakthrough back in 2006. "Each Step" finds the pair reveling in their respective purviews, but with enough (minor) stylistic tweaks to lift the cut just above functional. The track sports the kind of jackin' Chicago bassline that is so in vogue currently (when did everyone decide to open up their filters so wide?), and looks backwards in the higher frequencies also, thanks to a gooey, and similarly resonate, arpeggio refrain. Troxler meanwhile is out somewhere past the last exit for the sun "waiting for our souls to combine." His vocal turn is, of course, an exercise in semi-psychedelic gibberish in the vein of his "OMG-did-you-see-it?" Miami interview, but again unsurprisingly, it marks the track out with a touch of singularity that would have otherwise been lacking. The real turn up for the books, however, is Deetron going at it solo on B-side "Sing." A strung-out soul sample provides fuel for its engine, as just the right amount of hand percussion is chipped to keep the groove's fire burning brightly. It's the sort of workout that Motor City Drum Ensemble and the like have been dealing in extensively of late, but executed with the learned aplomb of a producer who knows exactly where he excels.
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      A Each Step feat. Seth Troxler B1 Sing B2 Each Step feat. Seth Troxler (Acappella)