Africa Hitech - Blen

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  • As the product of two UK-to-Australia transplants, this project—formed and committed to tape amidst the cross-pollination of Red Bull Music Academy sessions in Toronto and Cologne—suitably aims to champion an "eclectic diaspora" of electronic styles. That the first official release from Africa Hitech, AKA frequent collaborators Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek, was recorded in 2007 is relatively surprising, though, given the duo's broken beat and space funk collaborations from around the same time. "Blen" is a bracing assault, static fuzz and sped-up robotic dancehall, punctured with bloops, pocks and electronic scribbles, and a cussing and "FIRE!"-shouting MC that reveals Spacek's surprisingly convincing talent as a rudeboy. "The Sound of Tomorrow" is the more traditional Spacek vehicle, slipping him into a familiar skin of futuristic soul, singing with a chorus of computer voices over a gently swelling bass rhythm and minimalistic pulses. "Blen Remix," presumably the EP's newest offering, is a timely take on the original, toning down the hyper fidget for a liquefied bass and double-stepping garage beat, shifting closer towards the current crop of young bass experimentalists like 2562 and Joy Orbison. As suggested by their inclusion on the Warp 2010 compilation, Africa Hitech are set to feature heavily for the label this year. Amongst the likes of Gonjasufi and Hud Mo, it will be interesting to hear where more recent sessions take these two production veterans next.
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      A1 Blen A2 Blen Rmx B1 The Sound Of Tomorrow