Solomun - Remix:Session 05

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  • It's been a while since we've checked in with Diynamic, but it's also seemed like a while since it's been worth checking in. What started out as a label basically consisting of the productions of three talented Hamburg-based artists and a friend or two bloomed into something else entirely over the past 18 months. Success isn't a bad thing, but it's made the output of Diynamic far less distinctive, as big room concerns superseded the intimate and cozy feel that typified its early releases. Remix-wise, however, the label has always had a strong ear, bringing in the likes of Lawrence, Anja Schneider, Joris Voorn and others to offer their spin on the label's sound. This new 12-inch is no different, with Manuel Tur and Tobi Neumann finding two completely different ways to present tracks from label figurehead Solomun's debut album. Tur's signature sound is represented in the way that he attacks the poppy "Cloud Dancer," utilizing the same sort of driving drum sound heard on the Rapidsnare remix of his and Langenberg's "This Feeling" from late last year. Big, deep chords drive this rolling epic, which should fit well with the label's more commercial-sounding tunes. Tobi Neumann's remake of "Hypnotize" works in the same way, but trades deepness for pop smarts. A glittering guitar lick and wordless female vocal exhortations lead the way, with a mild bubbling acid line providing support. It's lightweight, but has more than enough sugar to make you forget the old Diynamic and start embracing the new.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur's Syphon Drum mix) A2 Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur's instrumental mix) B1 Hypnotize (Tobi Neumann feat Ilhem remix)