RNDM / Juergen Junker - Uoah / Neighbourhood / Spur 8

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  • London-based producer Juergen Junker isn't exactly a household name in the dance scene. But he's anything but a rookie, releasing disco-drenched deep house on his own Neurythmics imprint since 2001. Efdemin's vinyl-only Naif will undoubtedly give the German native a wider audience, as he picks up the baton from Nina Kraviz, whose harrowing vocals left their indelible mark on the label's debut release. Is it safe to assume that Phillip Sollmann's label is a harbour for fresh or underappreciated house talent? Maybe so. But be sure to count in the Efdemin family as well. This time instead of Sollmann himself, it's Pigon partner Oliver Kargl, aka RDNM, who rounds out the split EP. Junker is the winner here: His raw and pounding "Neighbourhood (Live Version)" has an intoxicating vibe, drawing its force from the counterplay of swayingly subdued chords and a percussive frenzy. "Spur 8" employs the same live groove but gets all cheerful with voices, leading the scene onto an imagined sweltering NYC rooftop party. Flip it over and you'll get the moanful dance floor funk of RNDM's "Uoah," a tongue-in-cheek if slightly enervating track. Though Efdemin provides no beats on this 12-inch, his touch comes through with "The Mandatory Naif Accapella": Film-buff that he is, Sollmann throws in a nice piece of cinematic nostalgia.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Juergen Junker - Spur 8 A2 Juergen Junker - Neighborhood (Live Mix) B1 Rndm - Uoah B2 Rndm - Uoah (Dub)