Space Dimension Controller - Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere

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  • At some point in the near future, astronauts will make love in space. Not only is in inevitable, it's something to look forward to, a small but crucial step forward in man's exploration of the cosmos. If anyone from NASA is reading this, let me recommend Space Dimension Controller's new track as a mood-setter for zero-G sexy time. "Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere" takes the palette of last year's breakout debut "The Love Quadrant" and expands its horizons, deftly traversing realms of space funk, cosmic disco and Detroit techno in cosmic expanse, mingling the sensual and the far-out, as would well suit two amorous galactic travelers. Its dynamic builds and breakdowns, space-y tangents and intertwined, melty IDM pads make "Journey" a rewarding listen, and also ensure that it quite easily bears the brunt of repeated listening. In fact, you may have to drop the needle a couple of times just to get your head around it. The following "Cosmo30 Travel Duration" is a close kin, if more earthbound, sailing the neon nights of some mythical early '80s Detroit, letting tremendous synth-lead streaks fly over dubby 808s. If you wanted to explain to a friend what Space Dimension Controller was all about, you might even start with "Cosmo30" before approaching "Journey"'s wild terrain. So it's safe to say that with only a handful of tracks under his belt, Mr. Controller, AKA 19 year old Jack Hamill, has already displayed a prodigious talent for spacey synth-squiggle, a talent that calls to mind another gifted upstart, Kyle Hall. As such, it's little surprise then that since "The Love Quadrant" dropped the two have fallen into collaborative exchange, and that Mr. Hall shows up for remix duty here. Opening the flipside Hall gets clubby, with an undulating chord structure and several analog blips, adding further embellishments that bear his trademark Bernie/Herbie keyboard wonk, including drunken bass wobble and wind-up roller-rink clatter. It makes the Hamill-Hall connection seem like a fortuitous no-brainer, and bodes well for jams to come. "BBD Alignment" offers a pulsing slow-mo comedown, balancing Warp-y treble plinks against densely-delayed vintage drums, mellow but just as winding and inventively undulating as its A1 counterpart.
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      A1 Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere A2 Cosmo30 Travel Duration B1 J2TCOTUS (Kyle Hall I'm Only Breathing Remix) B2 BBD Alignment