Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop Remixes II

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  • So effective was Aeroplane's stripping of "Baby Can't Stop" that going back to the original album version a few weeks ago, I realized I had completely forgotten about the synthesized "Wanna Be Starting Something" horns that propel the track. And while it took ages for that first single of remixes to drop, the newest L&C single follows soon on the heels of the first. For as often as I find myself dropping an album cut like "Lovesick" out, only to scramble to follow up its short playing time, I find myself wishing that a few of the other Real Life Is No Cool tracks were getting the remix treatment instead. That said, Prins Thomas—who no doubt is most sympathetic to his partner-in-crime's ear—foregrounds those horns, adding in a long strand of toad croak talkboxing to offset Christabelle's sass and mewls. Nothing that dynamic occurs on the track, but it's Thomas's gift to have his touch dilate any track to nearly double-digit lengths, soar to new heights and sound all the more natural because of it. The Idjuts show up on the flip, but after the two stellar remixes that have already hit, their work is overshadowed. Their telltale weirdness gets dialed down and while they fully revel in their "nightdubbing" sound palette (a perfect fit for such an early '80s cut), their effort lingers only briefly on the ears.
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      A Baby Can't Stop (Prins Thomas Remix) B Baby Can't Stop (Idjut Boys Remix)