Cassy - Endless Endeavour

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  • Cassy Britton has always seemed as enamored of her own voice as she is by her beloved house music, utilizing it on each of the previous two 12-inches for her self-titled label to hypnotic ends. That streak doesn't change with the third. Britton's vocal chords are front-and-center on both "Endless Endeavour" and "Ava," giving the charged old-school backings of each a sense of humanity that they undoubtedly would lack otherwise. On "Endless," Cassy sings about the titular work of loving someone better, weaving her way in and out of downward-pointing melody that endlessly endeavours to go deeper. It's locked into its loop quite solidly, though, content to sweetly promise. It's "Ava" which delivers. At first, you don't think it will, as it falls into a nice groove with Cassy singing "what is to you, what is to me, what is it to you, what is to me" over and over again. But halfway through, an enormous bass rumbles into view, suddenly making what was once a happy-go-lucky chant into a menacing question. Far from the loving attention of its predecessor, "Ava" turns out to be a beast of a tune, whose second-half is as tension-filled as a horror flick that has lulled you into a false sense of security.
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      A Endless Endeavour B Ava