Aufgang - Barock

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  • As a remixer, you can't ask for much better source material than Aufgang's "Barock." Piano, live drumming, digital bits; in short, character. There's lots to play around with, and Infine's open-minded approach has ensured that an unlikely cast of characters turn up to do so. Minimal godfather Robert Hood is first. And he's in an ebullient mood, slicing the original into constituent bits that only make complete sense once the kick drum enters into the fray. Hood's more than happy to let the piano do the lion share of the work here, and as a result the mood is perhaps most reminiscent of his oft forgotten Peacefrog releases. Omega Man this ain't; don't be surprised to hear this the next time you see Luciano play. You'd expect such melody from Mondkopf, who fits neatly into the emo electronica box of Infine's multifaceted interests. His remake sounds a bit like what you imagine Nathan Fake would do with "Barock," slathering the original piano line in layers of colorful synths, a dreamy reverie that's only briefly interrupted by the almost industrial edge the drums take in its final third. Wareika maintain the sunny vibe, but allow you to breathe deeply instead of smothering you in it. The track doesn't hold a candle to much of their original material, which seems looser in comparison. But as lazy Sunday techno goes, it'll get you by fine.
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      A1 Barock (Robert Hood Remix) A2 Barock (Mondkopf Remix) B Barock (Wareika Remix)