Erik & Fiedel - Nous Sommes MMM

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  • Remember when electro-house didn't use to be such a dirty term for people looking for interesting electronic music? A time before buzzsaw synths and rock dynamics took over from the emphasis on groove and sound invention? Erik Wiegand, AKA Errorsmith, and Berghain resident Fiedel certainly do. Together they were responsible for 1997's "Donna," which became one of the seminal tracks that took pride of place in the countless boxes of house, techno and electro jocks in the years following. Wiegand and Fiedel haven't exactly been the most prolific pair since, making their return in '08 with two chirpy electro cuts on MMM's 10th Anniversary EP, but it seems that they've been holding back their more banging material for this particular 12-inch. Both "Nous Sommes MMM" and "Let's Git It On" appeared in demo form on Boys Noize's I Love Techno mix from two years ago, and while it's true that neither of them sound particularly fresh, you'd be a fool to deny their capability to get a dance floor reaching for the lasers. "Nous Sommes" is the most ravey of the two, using a pattern of pitch-shifted repeated notes and squealing feedback in order to achieve its maximal mission, but it's just edged by the flip side's rumbling bass riff and slippery synth work which is again characterised by the duo's relentless pitch alterations. If you find much of the modern techno released today to be a bit serious for your liking, and are looking for something both fun and impeccably produced to spice up your set, you won't go far wrong with this release.
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      A Nous Sommes MMM B Let's Git It On