Traversable Wormhole - Vol. 7

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  • As the Traversable Wormhole project has soldiered on, the productions in the dark techno series of releases have become increasingly more complex. The same is true of Volume 7, but despite the number of elements in each TW release increasing, the producer behind the project clearly has a handle on how to arrange them to make it feel as though there's still plenty of space in between the beats. Volume 7 picks up where its predecessor left off, finding a comfortable space somewhere in the upper echelons of techno's normal BPM range and edging close to where dubstep DJs might find worth in making it their own. Flashes of reverbed noise find their way into "Subliminal Warp Drive" before they're easily integrated into the track's intense groove. "Centauri Dreams" showcases a rare bit of melody, yet still retains TW's signature Gothic mood. Indeed, Volume 7 feels like a slight but important evolution in the project, a recognition that TW tracks can safely include "more" without having to sound like it. With CLR on tap to release TW's catalogue digitally before the end of the year, and the producer reportedly working on a mix of the material to date as well, it would appear as though Volume 7 is either a beginning or an end of sorts. Let's hope it's the former.
  • Tracklist
      A Subliminal Warp Drive B Centauri Dreams