Melchior Productions Ltd. - Gentlemen Jack EP

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  • What to say about the new Melchior except that it sounds remarkably like the old Melchior? That's not surprising considering the A-side on the Berlin-based producer's recently released EP for Perlon, Gentleman Jack, has a new mix of 2001's "Feel Sensual." While his effort for [a:rpia:r] under the Cinderfella LTD moniker seemed to represent a slight break with his past work, the two other tracks on Gentleman sound like outtakes from the No Disco Future sessions. It's unclear, of course, when these tunes were crafted. And some of Melchior's appeal stems from the fact that his music has rarely been in step with prevailing dance music trends. But it's worrying to hear the click, crackle and pop of something like "Feel Sensual," when you know you've heard it done better by the same producer nearly a decade before. As always, the production is ridiculously on-point. (Andy Battaglia rightly pointed out a few years ago, few do hi-hats better.) "To the Rescue"'s singing melody buried beneath the groove is sublime. As much as it's nice to hear new Melchior on Perlon, it's perhaps telling that I was moved to listen back to records from the early '00s immediately after taking Gentleman Jack off the turntable.
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      A Feel Sensual (No Sweat Mix) B1 Damsel in Distress B2 To the Rescue