FCL - Vocals For Everyone EP

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  • Young San Soda hit his stride in 2009 via his releases for We Play House Recordings, the boutique label started by Belgian House veteran DJ Red D primarily to release the producer's work. Taking their cooperation a step further, Vocals for Everyone marks the duo's first collaborative release under the FCL moniker, a project they're intending will recall "a time when vocals were not something just for girls and gays." Vocals for Everyone does precisely what it says on the tin, reimagining archetypal '90s vocal house while retaining the label's characteristic deepness along the way. A San Soda solo venture, "Let's Go" is a slick take on gospel house featuring a trim four-note organ progression, handclaps and tempered vocals from USG, all maintaining an orderly balance, with a bridge of violins and flashes of a pealing, bell-like melody. "More Than Seven" has Red D taking up both the co-production reins and lyrical credits, for thudding kicks, key stabs and Lady Linn's sultry "I wanna see your body work / I wanna see your body moving" vocals, all of which recall an unmistakable Chicago vibe. Despite recent playlists and charts tending to favour one or the other of these two watertight classic-sounding tracks, the even scorecard is unbalanced by San Soda's resourcefulness on "Let's Go Seven." Taking a little from column A and a little from B, he marries "Let's Go" and "More Than Seven" for a near-perfect slice of modern vocal house. The beat from the former is pared down to the kick-bass-clap essentials, while the chiming bell sounds forms its distinctive melody. Lady Linn's vocals of the latter are scrambled, "I wanna see your body moving" becoming the core directive. This is a really solid EP of referential sounds, with bonus points for San Soda's goal-scoring mash-up.
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      A1 Let's Go A2 Let's Go Seven B1 More Than Seven B2 More Than Seven (Instrumental)