Fudge Fingas - About Time

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  • Without a solo release to his name since 2005, Gavin Sutherland's Fudge Fingas alias has been enveloped by the UK's new wave of soulful Northerners, with regular single track inclusions on Trus'me's Prime Numbers and Linkwood's cultish Firecracker imprint. Sutherland's contributions have consistently indicated an aptitude for subtle musical progression and steady melodic growth, but are often overshadowed by the bells and whistles of the more immediate Linkwood offerings that they usually accompany. About Time is sampler in the truest sense of the word, affording Sutherland the space to approach house music from a few more angles than just one. The slinky neo-soul of "It's About Time" is edged out with Sutherland's grizzled vocals and metallic percussion, and gradually gives way to a synth progression of increasing intensity and decreasing definition, burrowing off-course towards slow-burn and slow-mo house territory. "ME&U"'s mid-tempo anonymity is eventually rescued by heartfelt vocals and distorted, cosmic guitar lines, but it's superseded by "Mmm Hmm," Sutherland's trump card that shakes off his gentler excursions for the dancefloor sass that its name suggests. Referencing the likes of Juan Atkins' dichotic jazz-techno, its jacking, rubberised beat holds aloft Detroit-ish pulses and single note synth ambience, while juggling a trick three/four time signature with its other hand. Without getting lost in the balancing act, Sutherland unleashes a cacophony of drums and wildly dexterous keys at the midpoint for a delectable fusion of nostalgia and nu-retro funk. An impressive collection that bodes well for Fudge Fingas' forthcoming full-length debut.
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      A1 It's About Time A2 Me & U B1 Mmm Hmm