Jason Fine - Future Thought Remixed

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  • Jason Fine's Future Thought made its debts clear. Detroit techno and Chicago house were major touchstones for the Detroit-based producer, and his highly emotional, analogue tunes were seeped in historical antecedents. Nonetheless, Fine's admirers are among some of the most forward-thinking names in the techno field, hence this remix EP featuring Berlin's Ben Klock and God-knows-where's Oni Ayhun. Klock's "Many to Many" remix begin as many of his compositions do, striking out a fearsome and raw techno beat. But the producer's house leanings rear their head quickly in the form of drawn out, melancholic chords. The titular phrase pans across the stereo field as well, adding further momentum to the tune, but it's the sleight-of-hand that Klock puts into what begins like a very tired melody that impresses. You'll be ready to pump your fist at a certain point, but Klock makes you wait just a bit longer than you think. Expecting the unexpected is par for the course with Oni Ayhun, and he provides a typically off-kilter remix of "Control Voltage." It sometimes sounds like Ayhun has put numbers into some sort of random melody generator, leaving the results up to chance. But you can hear Fine's original chord change peek through the dissonance every so often, reminding you that this is nothing if not a highly structured bit of mania. Ayhun knows exactly what he's doing, even if it's hard from the outside to figure out exactly what it is. Needless to say, it's one of the most singular things you'll likely hear this year.
  • Tracklist
      A Many to Many (Ben Klock Remix) B Control Voltage (Oni Ayhun Remix)