Ripperton - Random Violence

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  • Before we start, I should admit to a patchy (at best) knowledge of Ripperton's oeuvre. It's, by all accounts, an exceptionally impressive catalogue of work, though, so it was with a reasonably untainted slate and an optimistic curiosity that I approached "Random Violence." What ignorance I might have had before is, on the basis of this record, soon to become a distant and not particularly pleasant memory, as this is quite simply a stunning track. If all electronic music—or music in general—was as effortlessly beautiful as this, then the world would surely be a better place. I'm utterly convinced it would be nigh on impossible to show anything stronger than a mild indifference to even your most sworn enemy while exposed to the slow-building, lush chords that make up "Random Violence." Pattering percussion and soft hats move the track along nicely, but the chords are undoubtedly the star of the show, with one of the changes so melancholic yet at the same time utterly uplifting that it sums up everything good about life in less than a second. My only criticism? At just over six minutes, it finishes way too soon. A ten minute extended version would have been more than welcome here. On the B-side, Joris Voorn is tasked with making it more dance floor-friendly, which he achieves in predictably slick fashion. It's more of the characteristically rolling, bouncy style that he championed so successfully throughout 2009, and while in its own right a perfectly decent effort, when compared to the original seems a bit brash. Then again, I'd challenge anyone to find another track this year that doesn't.
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      A Random Violence B Random Violence (Joris Voorn Remix)