Various Artists - Citizens Dub / Pipey D

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  • The first time I heard Bok Bok's "Citizens Dub" was at FWD>>—the seminal club night run at Plastic People, home to possibly the finest sound system in London when it's tuned and tweaked properly. Jackmaster dropped it, fully testing the regularly assaulted bass bins and confusing the ear drum responses of every regular ravegoer there. The track's main ascending riff is of anthemic proportions, squeezing synths, basses and pads wobbling up; and then all the way back down before the process begins all over again with a new sound or squiggle making the same journey. "Citizens Dub" was born to test systems and stop dances dead. And when you first wheel it out, it does just that; and it does it incredibly well; combining the outrageous dubstep bass wobble with the new contemptuous breed of bastard house music that's infecting pirate radio waves. "Pipey D" comes from the combined hard drives of Blunted Robots label leaders Brackles and Shortstuff. As if to match the bonkers lead line of Bok Bok's drunk-as-hell wobbler, they unleash possibly their most gloriously demented work to date. Fusing snatched samples of strings, lounge pianos and mutilated synth riffs with tough, constant rattling snare drums, they manage to perfectly back up the tempo and dance floor workout of the A-side.
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      A Bok Bok feat. Bubbz - Citizens Dub B Brackles & Shortstuff - Pipey D