Marcel Dettmann - Dettmann Remixed

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  • As you might expect, Marcel Dettmann's latest EP is a fairly mysterious little package. It's a remix compilation, but the listener has no way of knowing what exactly is being remixed; none of the originals have ever been released, and none will be included on the Dettmann's upcoming album. Each track is as cryptically titled as ever, and two are remixed by Wincent Kunth, a Swiss producer who makes his debut appearance on this EP. Then, of course, there's the music itself: stark, pounding and relatively emotionless, calling nothing to mind besides strobe-lit dance floors. It's all quite standard for Ostgut Ton, but satisfying nonetheless, especially for fans of no-frills techno. The first two tracks of Dettmann Remixed are done by Norman Nodge, Dettmann's longtime friend and frequent collaborator. Much like MDR 05, this EP shows Nodge to be a master of dark interludes: in terms of sound construction, his tracks are very strong, but at just over five minutes each, and consisting of little more than exceptionally vivid drums, these tunes work best as a bridge. "Shift" is the more charismatic of the two, with funky hi-hat patterns and weird, psychedelic underpinnings, while "Unrest" is more of a peak time DJ tool—nothing too memorable, but good for keeping a heavy vibe going. On the B-side, Wincent Kunth gooses a bit more color into Dettmann's austere arrangements. "Vertigo" is a deep and breezy techno track, with layers of strings strewn across a rugged bassline, revealing a production style that, despite lacking Nodge's audiophile appeal, is more emotional and easily engrossing. "Wound Up" takes a dryer approach, pairing a galloping techno beat with a simple, dubby synth part. Like Nodge's latter remix, it's a nice DJ tool, but holds little value outside of the club.
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      A1 Shift (Norman Nodge Remix) A2 Unrest (Norman Nodge Remix) B1 Vertigo (Wincent Kunth Remix) B2 Wound Up (Wincent Kunth Remix)