Ray Mang - Bullet Proof

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  • That skwee in Ray Mang's "Bullet Proof" is no accident. The tune is a reworking of a George Clinton track of the same name. Mang ups the tempo, but the vibe is exactly the same: Funk on the edge of control, ready to spin out at any moment. Taking up vocal duties is none other than Deee-lite's Lady Miss Kier, who unsurprisingly fills the shoes of Clinton easily, her full voice almost completely overshadowing the manic backdrop. But while Kier's the obvious star of the show, Mang's production work here is the unsung hero, full of blurts and tics that transform this from reverential to joyously bonkers. The same can't be said for "Look Into My Eyes," which either samples Tangerine Dream's "Love on a Real Train" or plays it so well that you'd be hard-pressed to hear the difference. Put into a slowed-down disco house context, the beautiful melody is nice enough, but doesn't go anywhere that we didn't hear Williams take it a few years ago when he did almost the same thing. It's curious to hear such a beautiful update on the A-side, and then be greeted by one that sounds as lazy as "Look Into My Eyes." But, then again, that's what B-side's are for.
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      A Bullet Proof feat. Lady Miss Kier B Look Into My Eyes