Dasha Rush - Sonic State

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  • 20 years of brutal, no-holds barred techno. Adam X's Sonic Groove imprint has rarely wavered in intent or in sound, a compellingly consistent watchword for the sort of electronic music that puts hair on the chest of its male fans and God knows what for its female followers. Dasha Rush's new EP for the label continues in this vein. It's a cleaner ride than Obtane's recent 12-inch, but it's no less intense, trading dank random industrialism for deep tracks that parcel out their steampipe explosions carefully. Rush's work here is more muscular than fellow headfuck producer Cio D'Or, but they're in the same arena. The Russian-born producer, however, doesn't want to lull you into a psychedelic mindspace like D'Or: "Sonic State" is nothing if not powerful and "Wave Traveler"'s beat positively bangs over its patient melody. Sonic State is prime peak-time material for techno heads that nonetheless could appeal to the home listener. Like her contemporaries, Rush is happy to plant enough material beneath the surface for headphone enthusiasts. It'll be interesting to watch how it grows.
  • Tracklist
      A Wave Traveler B1 Sonic State B2 Ground Floor