Tiga - Sex O'Clock Remixes

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  • Electro house seems to be a dirty word these days, but if that's what Juno is calling Tiga's Sex O'Clock (Remixes), I'm not sure what the problem is. On one side you have an epic take on the original version from Playgroup, and—if the B-side is to be believed—apparently Matias Aguayo and Jamie Lidell fit into the genre designation as well. Needless to say, all three remixes here don't have much to do with what electro house has come to be known. Indeed, each present something that needs at least one hyphen or two for additional descriptors. Playgroup's electro-punk-house slinks slowly through its paces, portraying Tiga as a creepy man in the background of a DFA-inclined sex fantasy. Matias Aguayo continues his mission to confound at every opportunity on the B-side. His remix has touches of the Latin flavor that permeated his recent Kompakt full-length, but it's filtered through a strict bass riff that overpowers nearly everything that comes up against it. Like Aguayo, Jamie Lidell makes the song his own. Depending on your taste, the way he distorts the main riff will make you either squeal or squirm. That he ends up making the whole thing sound like Chromeo performed by Lightning Bolt, though, has to count for something. It's no doubt one of the best send-ups of '80s nostalgia you'll hear all year, and about as far away from electro house as you can get.
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      A Sex O'Clock (Playgroup remix) B1 Sex O'Clock (Matias Aguayo remix) B2 Sex O'Clock (Jamie Lidell's Sex O'Cloak N Dagger)