Sycophant Slags - Keep Off

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  • Adultnapper and Mr C. return to their Sycophant Slags project, packing plenty more than clever alliteration with "Keep Off." Featuring the moody and tastefully restrained feel of Adultnapper's solo work, the track sways with a sinister bump and surgical cleanliness that exposes its sublime juxtaposition of eerie minor-keyed tech funk, Mr. C.'s devilishly breathy delivery, and the Shaman's positive message of pressing on to "have what you want, be who you want." Reboot muffles a bit of the wonky atmosphere found in the original, and supplants just about all of Mr. C's vocal contributions with the straightforward, whirring clicks he's known for, converting the anthemic original into a useful, workmanlike dance floor builder, with handclaps thrown in as sweetener. But the real gem on the release is the Wighnomy Brothers' spaced out mutation—funked-up and vocodered into a churning, floor-filling monster, complete with odd horn blasts, bowel-shaking bass hits, ear-perking pops and an even darker feel with Mr C's voice dropped to sinister, low registers. Virulent to the core, this release is the perfect winter bomb.
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      A1 Keep Off A2 Keep Off (Reboot Remix) B Keep Off (Wighnomy Brothers' Detroittobrieflyshort-ulle Remix)