Terence Fixmer - Electric City

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  • Terence Fixmer's bio tells us that he's a "treasured icon of the electronic north of France," which seems to these eyes a little bit like saying that he's the finest ice fisherman in all of the Sahara. But based on his latest release for Electric Deluxe, geography has little to do with Fixmer's appeal. His brand of techno works anywhere, an underground cousin to Dubfire's blasts of white noise. "Electric City," for instance, is able to do its job with irritating shrieks over a quickly pulsating synth. Like most techno of its kind, it's fascinatingly simple and brutally effective. "Echoes" is the same way—a slower grind, but equally as lacking in clutter. Fixmer relies here on the languid beeps sending out signals into the distance, allowing them time to breathe and expand while lithe feedback slices through the back half of the track. That downcast vibe is continued by Function in his remix of "Electric City," a take which sees the Berlin resident creating an altogether different view of Fixmer's metropolis. There is an equal amount of open space as in Fixmer's original, but Function fills the emptiness with a subtle underlying atmosphere that adds a layer of depth. It's the best thing here, but not by much. Indeed, if things continue like this, perhaps someday Fixmer will be a treasured icon of the entire country.
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      01. Terence Fixmer - Electric City 02. Terence Fixmer - Echoes 03. Terence Fixmer - Electric City (Function Remix)