Lucy & Ercolino - Gmork / So the Nothing Grows Stronger

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  • There is a dark narrative to the Stroboscopic Artefacts releases so far. Lucy's first release carried a message of the false reality in which we live, Xhin's "Fixing The Error" was a rise-of-the-machines style workout and, now, Lucy's latest collaboration is an ode to the Gmork. (Neverending Story, wolf-like savage beast changer used to control society, etc. etc.). Appropriately, "Gmork" is a slice of brooding dark techno: a black heartbeat, pulsing, with static swirling in an electrified atmosphere. The build is well constructed and—once settled—there's no alleviation from the pounding. (Which is, of course, the point.) The B-side, "So the Nothing Grows Stronger," has a more mechanic feel to it: the blips and beats grind at each other—it's almost manic—but Lucy and Ercolino's timely interventions create ups and downs that demand repeat listening. The results here are not quite as tough or as abrasive as hardened techno fans may yearn for, but they certainly pack grit, continuing the flow of Stroboscopic nicely.
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      A Gmork B So the Nothing Grows Stronger