Queen Atom - Blu Samba EP

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  • For sheer hedonistic exuberance and the type of body-pummeling rhythms that will have you dancing like a loon, look no further than Cesare Marchese in his Queen Atom guise. Following up one of last year's undoubted hedonistic highlights, "Refuse Greed" on Dumb Unit, Marchese has once more journeyed to the heart of darkness and the results are every bit as satisfying. "Coka Zero" comes in three versions and while the original is a wonderful exercise in low-end tribal frequencies with the added bonus of a noise that sounds like a mothership lifting off, it's Ahmet Sisman's interpretation that takes the honours. Sisman is definitely on a roll at the moment, and he continues to effortlessly take up from where his Miami Sound Machine EP on Slash left off. It's one of the best examples of tribal funk I've heard in a long time. You've got to be indulgent in the dark arts of the dance floor to swing with such sophistication, so cue an interview where Sisman proclaims himself to be clean and serene. No matter, this is primal stuff. Seuil's version suffers in comparison to such an onslaught. It's not uneventful, though, and is perhaps the most haunting of the three takes. "Fix Ur Mama," meanwhile, lopes along uneventfully, only serving to emphasise the power of the title track. There's also a welcome digital exclusive from Sisman in the shape of "Buiya" edited by Queen Atom that continues the good work started by "Coka Zero."
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      A1 Coka Zero A2 Fix Ur Mama B1 Coka Zero (Ahmet Sisman remix) B2 Coka Zero (Seuil remix) Digital: Ahmet Sisman - Buiya (Queen Atom Voodoo edit)