Limaçon - Tarry Not

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  • It's a classic dance music dilemma: "When is an album not an album?" I'm not always sure myself. Does there have to be a concept behind everything in order to form a solid foundation, and why does a collection of tracks so often fall afoul of the definition? That's what's puzzling me listening to Limacon's debut. I really can't make up my mind whether or not I'm listening to something more than a collection of grooves. What is impressive on this collection is the production. Limacon has produced a very polished piece of work—even if I find little to really engage with. A common feel runs throughout the length of the album, that of a thick and sticky bass embellished with machine squelches as synthetic-sounding as they come. There's merging minimalist and electro sensibilities topped off with a hefty nod to the sound of Trentemøller four or five years ago. Everything is a little bit darker and driving, and yet there's still that lack of spark. "Aye Wolf" and "Shaken" sound sinister enough to fulfill the needs of the likes of Troy Pierce or Magda, while the rest of the collection is steroids not that narcoleptically inclined. Overall though, each track sounds both complex and simultaneously linear, like a skyscraper built using Tetris. Listening to this album I'm struck by how easy it would be to mix each tune seamlessly into the next, give or take a few bumps along the way. There are some very interesting touches and flourishes, but they rarely combine to make something that's not relatively formulaic.
  • Tracklist
      01. Shaken 02. Labels 03. Aye Wolf 04. Which One 05. Sans Rip 06. The Line 07. Nudge 08. Tarry Not 09. Keep 10. Limantour South