Heaven & Earth - Prescription EP

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  • There's not much use in "reviewing" the Prescription EP. It more deserves explaining. Once upon a time there were three producers named Luke Solomon, Rob Mello and Zaki D. They liked house music. Particularly the kind made by Chez Damier and Ron Trent on Prescription Records. One thing led to another and the trio of producers created two tracks, Prescription put them out and the three producers (collectively known as Heaven & Earth in this instance) became so popular on their own that they never really worked together againïaside from a remix of "Beau Mot Plage" here, or a re-rub of Red Nail's "I Think of You" there. Then came Gerd Janson, house music connoisseur and Running Back Records proprietor. He loved the tracks, and approached the trio and got the rights to reissue the recordrand even finagled an unreleased re-edit of one ("Space and Time"), giving vinyl collectors reason to pick up the new version. The end. That's the short version. And for house music lovers, it's probably not all that enlightening. But what more can you say when confronted with a record like "Prescription Every Night," a tune famously caned by Carl Craig on his 1995 Essential Mix? It's guitar-led house beat makes you want to scream even before that lady comes in and tells us the title. Or when the unyielding piano line of "Space and Time" is the only thing left before the beat flies back in to flatten you? Prescription EP is a classic DJ tool that should be in any self-respecting jock's collection, and even makes for mighty nice home listening as well.
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      A Space And Time (Unreleased Re-Edit) B Prescription Every Night