Nomi & Rampa - Inside

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  • Italy's Rebirth continues their expert A&R ways with their first release of 2010, Nomi & Rampa's "Inside." The imprint has proven over the past few years to have little interest in building a house style, instead looking for pop thrills and hip underground names wherever they can find them. Few come cooler than Nomi, the bewitching transsexual singer who famously guested on Hercules & Love Affair's debut and heads up Jessica 6, and she offers up a suitably sultry vocal asking the listener how it feels to be inside her...mind. Like many Rebirth releases, there are plenty of remixes to choose from. And like many Rebirth releases, each is heavily geared for the dance floor. The original has a deep beat, a bit of pop techno that goes down easy on the ears, while Pete Gooding cleans things up even further and focuses his attention on a keyboard line to make sure your interest doesn't wane. &ME go further into tech house territory, offering up perhaps the least vocal-centric one of the trio. A bit of Nomi's wordless vocal takes center stage, amid plenty of star-wipe synths, splitting the difference and its effectiveness. The most interesting take is DrDunks who is the only remixer brave enough to veer away from the original in any significant capacity. Instead of Nomi, we have cosmic, liquid synths ebbing and flowing and an unruly tribal beat that's a far cry from the ultra-smooth percussion of the previous three mixes. It may not be the most popular of the three mixes from a DJs perspective, but it's also the one least likely to soundtrack a night of bottle service and collared shirts. Something tells me that Nomi would approve.
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      A1 Inside A2 Inside (Pete Gooding Remix) B1 Inside (&ME Remix) B2 Inside (DrDunks Aka Eric Duncan Remix)