Omar-S - Here With Me

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  • God bless Don-Q, but the man doesn't have the finest voice in the world. In Thomas D. Cox's review of Omar-S's Still Serious Nic, he called Don Q's vocal turn on "Lift Him Up," the "highlight of the record" and a "raw vocal house anthem." Plenty of people would say the exact opposite. But, then again, an Omar-S release would be nothing without a little bit of controversy, right? Unfortunately, there's hardly anything to say about Here With Me. Instead, it's "merely" four more solid tracks to be added to the producer's sterling oeuvre. "Three Blind Rats" opens things up in melancholic mode, a plaintive melody setting things up for increasingly twitchy hi-hats, while "Stop Running Around" sees Omar doing little more than testing out the sub bass capabilities of your speaker stack. On the flip, "Sign and Drive" is a beautiful but unsettling track, only perhaps making sense once the bassline to the title track emerges out of the darkness. And just as quickly Diviniti arrives, singing about how you should be "here with me." The backing is silky smooth throughout aside from little flashes of analogue blurt, with Diviniti's invitation sounding like a welcome one throughout. No attitude, no Willalobos, no off-key singing: Here With Me is just quality house and techno from a producer that shows no signs of stopping his remarkable run of form.
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      A1 Three Blind Rats A2 Stop Running Around B1 Sign & Drive B2 Here With Me feat. Diviniti