Nebraska - A Weekend On My Own EP

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  • With Rush Hour repressing three 12-inches of material in the past 12 months, it's obvious that the Dutch imprint has plenty of faith in the back catalog of Ali Gibbs, AKA Nebraska. But while Terrestrial Variations and Satellite Variations seemed like slightly curious tracks to warrant the treatment—chilled out smooth disco and polite raw house of quality, but not exceptional vintage—it all begins to make sense on A Weekend on My Own. Perhaps it's just the urgency in opening track, "Soho Grand," but there's a certain something here that you couldn't find on the previous EPs. "Soho Grand" is just as polite as anything found on either Variations, but its treadmilling bassline takes things to a higher level. The same goes for the title track, whose guitar is just ethereal enough to retain a sense of wonder, and whose beat keeps things pumping nicely while synths flutter in the distance. "Time Has Come Pt. 1" is the perfect B-side counter, a pounding tune that only lets up to allow droning deep house chords, a sliver of a piano and a voice that echoes the title wistfully before finding its disco footing. "Masala Dosa" keeps the pressure on with a fat bassline and big beat. But it's the keys that make the song, little beacons of light that play out as if they're permanently caught in a locked groove that bounces every so often...just to make sure you're still awake.
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      A1 Soho Grand A2 A Weekend On My Own B1 Time Has Come Pt. 1 B2 Masala Dosa