Matthias Tanzmann - Chano

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  • Responsible for some of the more bombastic house moments on RA's charts over the past few months, Moon Harbour has gained a reputation for some big, dumb and ecstatic tech house of late. Here, though, head man Matthias Tanzmann returns for his first single in two years with something altogether more subtle. Sampling some lovely Latin jazz and a vocal that inevitably settles on the title phrase, "Chano" is as much Latin house as it is tech house at certain moments. Tanzmann has faith enough in his percussion to lead the way without a kick drum, and it makes all the difference, extending out the breakdown to almost absurd lengths. Neither big nor dumb, it is ecstatic when the kick comes back in. Tanzmann's second mix here is less reliant on the original sample, burying it to a certain degree beneath a hefty two note-synth and a deep kick that keeps things on pace throughout. In the background, though, you can hear quite a bit of bustling about, and what seems to be a shaker mixed live in the studio just a bit higher than it should, foreshadowing the moment that the Latin jazz rises to the fore and takes over for the second half of the track. Call it a mistake, call it a unique production touch, call it what you will. Both mixes here, though, are not exactly what you'd expect from Tanzmann, and that's a very good thing.
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      A Chano B Chano (Second Mix)