Tensnake - Coma Cat

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  • The sun must have been shining brightly when Hamburg's Marco Niemerski slithered into his Tensnake skin to produce this blissfully exultant EP. It's exactly the kind of thing needed to coax people out of their new year's blues and back onto the dance floor with a spring in their step and a smile on their face; wooly hats off to him, I say. From the title track's opening euphoric squeal of female ecstasy and the ensuing bells, clicks and congas that follow soon after, "Coma Cat" is drenched in such thick, honey-like loveliness that it would be churlish to criticise it in any way. Sure, it's what the cynics would call "borderline cheesy," but a big synthy bassline and old-school piano stabs provide the tasty meat, while the hook is so overwhelmingly joyful it's enough to make you forget the fact that it's mid-January, you're utterly skint and you've already broken your painfully optimistic resolutions. If you caught his recent RA podcast, it was one of the absolute standout tracks (of an extremely strong selection) and looks like it will have the legs to hang around for the '10 festival season. By comparison, "Get It Right" at first appears positively downbeat, but the arrival of big wobbly synths and quacking stabs soon allay any fears that this is anything but an exultant disco-house stomper. The disco is even more forcibly driven home with "Need Your Lovin'," which delivers an innocently beautiful vocal (digital-only; you'll only find the dub mix on the vinyl) more at home circa 1976 than in 2010. I'm guessing it will find a warm welcome in the present day however, and its effect is so gorgeously life-affirming that I'm tempted to dust off my flares, perm my hair and boogie down the centre of Oxford Street. Who's up for it?
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      A Coma Cat B1 Need Your Lovin' (Dub Mix) B2 Get It Right Digital: Need Your Lovin'