Siopis - Really Love Ya

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  • Siopis' newest 12-inch for venerable hit machine Get Physical reaches for the stars and settles for the sky. The lead tune, "Really Love Ya" undoubtedly works—comments on Soundcloud confirm that James Zabiela dropped it as a closer before John Digweed at Warehouse Project late last year, and that it has a "goosebumps!" moment. But it's hard to hear it devoid of the context of a large rave after a Zabiela electro hammering, or even to hear how such a soulless vocal could raise anything but a bit of ire. It's not that "Really Love Ya" is bad. It's just that it's relentlessly mediocre, content to opt for ease when distinction is only a bit of personality away. Just listen to Jamie Jones' "Summertime," a somewhat similar tune that towers over "Really Love Ya" due to a better hook and more unpredictable arrangement. Inxec & Matt Tolfrey do their best with what they've got, taking it to deeper dance floors, and cutting up the vocals of Takis Kouretsidis to slide into the slipstream of the groove. He's less of a star here, and more of a bystander, adding rhythmic touches to an already funky groove. "Under the Bed" serves as the closing statement. It's another Siopis original, a creepy crawler of a track that has those lovely techno vocals that Marc Houle once told us about. Here, though, they're far stranger, sitting somewhere between humorous and frightening. As with most dance music, it depends on your context. Unfortunately, if you have to resort to context, though, as some sort of excuse for your work, then perhaps you should be going back to the drawing board.
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      A Really Love Ya B1 Really Love Ya (Inxec & Matt Tolfrey Remix) B2 Under the Bed