André Lodemann - Still Dreaming

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  • Aside from the obvious musical quality, there's a distinct pleasure in listening to André Lodemann's work. The man has an ear for the hook, sure—his tunes would be nothing without them—but it's the remarkable roundness of the softly billowing synths, the digital sheen with which it all rolls off the assembly line. And, then, that moment when he puts in something just a little off to remind you that there's a human being behind things after all. Lodemann's "Still Dreaming" waits a long while before that nudge, and it's a mild one too—a simple repetition of the synth—and it's why the track is perhaps his least engaging of the past 12 months. On his EPs for Best Works and A Room With a View, he always took the listener out of the comfort zone. Here, he's content to be lazily epic. Soulphiction does the right thing by giving the "this is a big track" chord progression bits and pieces to rub up against. A doo-wop group that peeks its head around the door, a breakdown that appears out of nowhere with chimes in tow. You're knocked on your knees, but then he musses up your hair. Lodemann returns in that mode on the B-side, armed with strings, percolation and a slow build that doesn't go anywhere fast. That's a good thing. Hearing Lodemann with no destination in mind means the results are far less cloying and far more satisfying.
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      01. Still Dreaming 02. Still Dreaming (SoulPhiction's SP-X mix) 03. Whatever I Do