My My & Emika - Price Tag EP

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  • On listening to the latest My My EP Price Tag alongside its accompanying rework from UK producers Appleblim and Komanazmuk, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the '00s prevalent musical strands had just completed a cyclical ten-year voyage. That is to say, we appear to be dealing here with progressive house and UK garage. OK, so the rhythmic bop of the latter has been creeping into all corners of UK bass music recently, but couple Emika's saccharine vocals with Appleblim and Komanazmuk's sleek 2-step sensibilities, and it's difficult not to draw upon memories of the millennium bug and the work of MJ Cole. In its original form, "Price Tag" is perhaps a little too loose in the lower frequencies to slip straight into a classic Digweed set, but there's something tied up in the way in which the primary vocal refrain is unpacked with the break that conjures images of prog dance floors past. B-side "Lights Go Down" serves to further reinforce the feeling thanks to its wave machine synthesis and measure-triggered chord progressions—but, much like its predecessor, the vocal and execution of the production feels a little too clean-cut to truly move. Those consuming digitally will have the option of a stomping Sideshow version of "Price Tag" to chew on, but the accolades here must go to Appleblim and Komanazmuk for successfully connecting the dots between decades.
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      A1 Price Tag A2 Lights Go Down B Price Tag (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix) Sideshow remix (Digital only)