Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself Remixes

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  • Telefon Tel Aviv has always been a favourite of electronic fans—DJs especially—but their work has rarely been floor-oriented. Relying instead on remixers to help them along, BPitch seems like a perfect home for the now-solo project of Joshua Eustis. Here, four producers step up with takes on "Immolate Yourself" each with dancing more or less on the agenda. Thomas Muller keeps Telefon's signature downcast vibe, but his throbbing beat is surrounded by too many whirring parts to ever take off completely, despite offering plenty of ear candy for the home listener. Miss Fitz, meanwhile, summons a trademark off-kilter groove that queasily worms its way into your brain in the same insidious way as the original's woodwinds. It's Ben Klock's lacerating techno take, though, that's the obvious hit. Its jacking techno beat clears a path for itself, and then uses a gnarled voice loop to make even more. It'd be the typically Berghain raw techno business except for the whipping swirls of melody flitting around in the back, adding an almost imperceptible depth to this visceral remake. On digital duties? Sasha Funke, who provides the simplest version of the four. He finds a way to make a chant out of the vocals and simply dusts the thing with glaciers of synths and an enormous house beat. It's got nothing on Klock, but stands alongside the other two as respectable floor fodder.
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      A1 Immolate Yourself (Thomas Muller Burning Man Mix) B1 Immolate Yourself (Miss Fitz Remix) B2 Immolate Yourself (Ben Klock Jack Mix) Digital: Immolate Yourself (Sascha Funke Digital Bonus)