Adam Beyer - Remainings III (Remixes)

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  • Nearly ten years later, it's still hard to say that Adam Beyer has topped "Remainings III." That's not a pox on the work that followed, of course, which has been more or less of a high standard, but more a recognition of the fact that "Remainings III" was a phenomenal track in his oeuvre, an intense distillation of the unrelenting techno coming out of the Swede's studio near the turn of the century. Beyer decided, somehow fittingly, to close out this decade, then, by turning back to the tune for a host of reworks from the Drumcode family. On this second EP—the first features Joseph Capriati and a Beyer & Jesper Dahlback Dub Mix—Paul Ritch and Alan Fitzpatrick take their laptops to the tune. Ritch opts for a rolling bounce of a beat that builds plenty of clicks and clacks into the perussion track before unveiling the tune's indelible hook. Things further rise from there, in typical Ritch style, to a payoff worth the price of admission. Fitzpatrick, meanwhile, opts for a more straight-ahead pummel. There are few dynamics throughout, just no-nonsense techno. Hardened for a 2009 audience, it's a suitable update of "Remainings III," but hardly something that stands out in the same way as the original.
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      A Remainings III (Paul Ritch remix) B Remainings III (Alan Fitzpatrick remix)