dOP - Vsop / Dein Verlangen Remixes

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  • Seuil's Eklo imprint has gotten more than its fair share of mileage out of dOP. Four of its 13 catalogue numbers now bear the name of the manic French trio in some form or another. The latest, Vsop / Dein Verlangen Remixes, is the second edition of remixes of the group on the label with fellow oddballs Bodycode and Kalabrese taking the honors this time around. Renowned for his incorporation of vocals, Bodycode takes dOP's "Vsop" and adds his own after he lays out a chugging deep house backing. A two-note synth, some trumpet accents and a fathomless kick are the basis, but per usual Bodycode twists and turns these elements into something far more than simple digital deep house. It's a particular sound that Bodycode has been refining over the past few years, and this is yet another brilliant encapsulation of his mature style. The same goes for Kalabrese, as well, who takes on "Dein Verlangen" and turns in a typically clattering take that will no doubt satisfy the DJs who need a solid beat and the ones who want a little bit more. Kalabrese's straight-ahead bumper is a no-frills four-four beat, but as time goes on things begin to creep their way in—a drunken trumpet, wind chimes. And the beat gets progressively more and more cluttered, with bits and pieces of hand drumming finding their way in through the cracks. Like dOP and Bodycode, Kalabrese thrives in these spaces, where producers are unafraid to take a chance with the demands of the dance floor in the pursuit of something more interesting.
  • Tracklist
      A Vsop (Bodycode AKA Portable Remix) B Dein Verlangen (Kalabrese Remix)