DJ Qu - Party People Clap

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  • If you weren't already convinced of the particular brilliance emanating from New York at the moment, take a chance on DJ Qu's "Party People Clap." It's a veritable all star assemblage of some of the most distinctive producers working in and around the metropolis. New Jersey DJ/producer DJ Qu starts things off with the queasy original which certainly does have party people clapping, even if they can't seem to do it in time with the beat. But that's the appeal, really, as a drunken horn section tries to keep up with the subdued house beat. If the original sounds like it was recorded in an opium den, Levon Vincent takes things to a tunnel, remodeling it as a cavernous epic. It's Vincent distilled, a concentrated stomp that stands among his finest work. If such quality is now expected of Vincent, it's a promising sign that perhaps the biggest hit of this 2x12 comes on the next side, which sees Anthony Parasole make his debut turn as a producer. He's here in collaboration with Fred P, and while their unrelenting pressure-filled version of "Party People Clap" seemingly has little to do with original—lulling the listener into hypnosis via its rubbery beat—that's not a problem at all. It's more than ten minutes, but its intense focus makes it seem much shorter. Bound to be forgotten amid the ridiculously high quality of the previous three sides, Jus-Ed closes it out on an airy house tip, relieving the tension. After the meaty fare elsewhere, it's a welcome dessert.
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      A Party People Clap B Party People Clap (Levon Vincent Remix) C Party People Clap (Anthony Parasole & Fred P. Remix) D Party People Clap (DJ Jus Ed Remix)