Dario Zenker - Belfort

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  • Vakant continues its ongoing project to further branch out of its tribal minimal past into different sound worlds with this, Dario Zenker's debut for the imprint's one-sided 12-inch series. Following on from similarly dance floor-focused efforts from Onur Özer and Tolga Fidan, the results are simple and powerful. "Belfort" is a dub-soaked house tune that does nothing but bang from start to finish with a woozy set of orchestral chords leading the way. Unlike Zenker's previously thicketed minimal for Vakant, "Belfort" shimmers with the sort of unconscious ease associated with more straight-ahead fare. But what it lacks in "innovation," it makes up for in emotional wallop. As a result, both Zenker and Vakant are able to showcase their versatility, proving that they each have no trouble grinding it out with the best of them. An atmospheric fist-pumper of the highest order.
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      A Belfort