N/A feat. Rosina - Fables and Fairytales

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  • Described as "punk-funk techno" on its press release, "Fables and Fairytales" is a clever piece of work whose charm lies in its catchiness and simplicity. N/A, AKA Nicholas Murray and Adam Marshall, have, at the second time of asking, (the track having been already released), backed the original with a remix from Wolf + Lamb rising star Deniz Kurtel. The results are genuine and unostentatious. In its original form, "Fables and Fairytales" is a simple yet extremely effective tune that blends synth stabs, a kick and accompanying percussion, along with Rosina's Ari Up-like vocals, into a funky stripped-down take on early Chicago acid. My only complaint is that more isn't used of the vocal in its 12 or so minutes. Thankfully, Kurtel steps up, halves the length and highlights the vocal by exploiting its nuances. Both versions offer something different, with the remix being my pick as it amplifies the original's best points—the vocal and the effects. It's just a bit darker too. The original is made for the mix, the remix is a peak timer in its own right.
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      A Fables and Fairytales B Fables and Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel Remix)