Mike Mind - Resonate Part I / Part II

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  • Quebec native Mike Mind first appeared on a compilation from Turbo Records earlier this year, but save for the lone single, he's about as new to the scene as you can get. Just because he doesn't have a lot down in print, though, doesn't mean he's short on talent. Clearly the shadowy figure has spent countless hours behind his gear, as the deft touch of a seasoned professional is obvious on the three original versions presented on this two EP collection. The original of "Resonate" looms and bends its way in to the psyche, with a slowly warming 303 backing melody helping to compromise for the almost awkward squelching bells that are sprinkled throughout the track. It's easy to be thrown off by the bizarre pairing of sounds, but once the groove finds its way to your feet, it's surprisingly hard to ignore just how fantastically it's executed. Though its "Version 2" is saved for a B-side of the second vinyl, this wholly trance-tinged take of the original shrugs off the aggression in favor of a more palatable, yet kitschy variation of a decidedly old-school laced burner. Rounding out the Mike Mind inclusions, "Satellite Son" is a late night sleeper jam, pitched remarkably slower than the rest of the cuts on the two records. Loopy, hypnotic and sexy, this is the perfect way to spice up a slowhouse set. Original productions aside, what really makes the two-part record collection worth buying is the stellar and varied remixes. Silent since 2007, the production duo of Jesper Dahlbäck and Jori Hulkkonen, AKA Kebacid, is an almost perfect fit for remix duties on "Resonate." Their version starts off simply enough, but right around the halfway mark, they turn the already impressive original in to full-on 303 warfare. If there's ever a perfect time to use the term "jacking," it's now—acid has never sounded as revived as this. Whereas you'd expect as much from Kebacid, things get interesting on the second EP. Italian headfuck aficionado Giorgio Gigli is first up, with a monster sized space-techno reworking on the long playing A-side. His signature hypnotic sound graces this take of "Resonate," bubbling and chugging along through two impressive breakdowns of different intensity. Minus artist Hobo, meanwhile, churns out a predominantly clubby version: But don't think that's a bad thing. His remix is surprisingly dense and craftily arranged, a shuffling, mental variation of the already powerful original.
  • Tracklist
      Resonate Part 1 A Resonate B1 Resonate (Kebacid Remix) B2 Satellite Son Resonate Part 2 A Resonate (Giorgio Gigli Remix) B1 Resonate (Version 2) B2 Resonate (Hobo Remix)