Levon Vincent - Double Jointed Sex Freak

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  • Another Levon Vincent release, another title you don't exactly want to bring home to Mom. Etched on the vinyl? "For Rebecca, a true athlete." Ew. Mental pictures aside, though: Good for him. Everyone deserves a "Double Jointed Sex Freak" in their life once in a while. And it's something that you won't quickly forget. Much like the three parts here, in fact. Double Jointed Sex Freak is remarkably physical, the A-side wrapping his trademark dubby beats in throbbing gristle and repeating "tsuuuuu" at an almost imperceptible level until you forget it's even there. That "tsuuuuu" is pitched higher on Part II—the 12-inch's highlight—which takes many of his signature sounds but adds a bassline that works in much the same way as The Mole's "For the Lost" (i.e. it doesn't come often, but when it does you find yourself emphatically pumping your fist for some odd reason). Coming after two big tunes, Part III can't help but come as some sort of letdown. But although it pales in comparison, DJs who need another mix of these elements may find something of use. The fascinating thing about those elements—the darkstar synths, the portentous dubby bubbles, the cleansing keyboard on Part II that marks the end of the introduction, etc.—is that there are so many that each part here can't help but sound completely different—even though there is seemingly little changing from each to each. It's a testament to Vincent's arrangement skills and unique sound palette that he's able to remix himself in such a way that each take is remarkably distinct.
  • Tracklist
      A Double Jointed Sex Freak (part I) B1 Double Jointed Sex Freak (part II) B2 Double Jointed Sex Freak (part III)