Deniz Kurtel - Whisper EP

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  • Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi, the eponymous heroes of the rapidly expanding Wolf + Lamb family are pressing all the right buttons at the moment. Not only have their own recent productions been more spirit-warming than a handful of hot coals, but the artists they have presented on their label have so far been blessed with similar studio talents. Deniz Kurtel, for example, whose debut EP starts off with "Whisper," a gorgeously upbeat yet somehow melancholy affair and probably just nicks it as the pick of the three. The bassline is lively but sufficiently restrained while the sweeping hook elegantly weaves its way in and out of the track with considerable subtlety. A slightly lacklustre acid synth appears briefly after about four minutes, but happily never rises high enough in the mix to detract from the rest of this superbly understated track. The semi-broken beats of "Stop Trying" indicate that Kurtel has output to offer other than house, and she handles the shift in genre well. The hook may be a little formulaic, but the beats are solid, the vocal samples hauntingly delivered and it bodes well for future productions of a similar ilk. "Fall," meanwhile, is a ten minute trip through epic deep house territory; a dream-like musical state of vast sweeping pads, effervescing pools of synths and a trembling lead hook of a backbone off which spine-tingling vocals, stabbing effects and pounding snares roll.
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      A1 Whisper A2 Stop Trying B1 Fall