Dollkraut - Loot

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  • Although European house and techno producers have a long history of incorporating soul and funk into their work, rarely does it sound as traditional as "Loot" and "Precious Fool," the two original tracks on Dollkraut's second 12-inch on Doppelschall. Dutch producer Pascal Pinkert employs a straight beat on "Loot," but he layers the whole thing with a bit of dust—static electricity that gives the track a nostalgic feel. On "Precious Feel," meanwhile, he finds a cozy breakbeat and lets its slow groove roll over you while an organ carves out a lovely lick and an uncredited sampled soul singer gives it her all. It reminds of the days when broken beat was king, but it sounds unique enough to also sound fresh in 2010. Credit that to the context. With Krause Duo and Scott on remix duty, Dollkraut's dusty aesthetic sounds all the more singular. Which isn't to say that both don't offer up remakes worth of mention. Krause Duo, for one, switch the lead singer's gender in their bouncy minimal house take that eventually devolves into even further madness, while Scott's rolling remix is propelled with enough steam to sustain its seven-and-a-half minutes. But when listening to the originals here, it's hard to imagine listeners not moving the needle back to relive the first songs on each side a few more times.
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      A1 Loot A2 Loot (Krause Duo Remix) B1 Precious Fool B2 Precious Fool (Scott Remix)